History of the Chair

Chair of Transportation Systems Management at the University ITMO was created in 2015, but was founded on the basis of scientific and pedagogical school with 40-years of history and traditions, formed on the basis of the Leningrad Engineering-Economic Institute n. Palmiro Togliatti (later St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University), trained thousands of specialists for road transport and the transport sector, not only in St. Petersburg and the Northwestern Federal District, but also many regions of Russia and other countries.


Many scientific schools in transport universe in different regions of Russia and countries were created by its graduates in Siberia and the Far East, South, North and Central Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic.


Graduates of the chair are working on transport companies, in its various subsectors - on road, rail, sea, air, and pipeline modes of transport, heading government agencies and major transport companies, are their top managers and specialists, daily solving the operational, tactical and strategic issues of transport support of goods and passengers transportation, creating a new transportation system of the country.

Scientific and pedagogical school

In 2013, the scientific and pedagogical school "Economics and Management in transport systems" under the guidance of professor and acting head of the chair of transport systems management Elena Viktorovna Budrina was registered in the register of the leading St. Petersburg's CFA.


We are young and we have a lot of plans, you can become our helpers, graduates and idea implementers, we will make transport of the country better together!


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